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DataScan's Wholesale Management System (WMS) was specifically designed to satisfy the unique needs of the wholesale finance industry.

WMS provides banks and captives with the flexibility to service a broad range of wholesale lending programs, using real-time information necessary to manage corresponding risk and cost savings required to remain competitive. WMS clients realize higher profits, lower risks, and increased productivity.

  Advanced security protocols, including 256-bit encryption, ensures data integrity and tightly guards system access
  G/L sub-ledger designed to record financial transactions and easily interface with third-party G/L applications
  Ability to categorize a customer's loan portfolio into collateral types for reporting and risk management purposes
  Credit lines may be established with the ability to establish overline, override, and temporary credit limits along with advanced credit checking configuration options
  Support for customer and collateral type fees such as credit line, unused line, overline, non-sufficient funds, late charges, etc.
  Capability to define base and derivative interest rates for use in interest calculations
»  Ability to define financial terms such as add-on / discount, early pay discount, funding, interest, insurance, and loan fee
»  Flexible financial plans for reuse and customization across customers as needed
»  Principal payment schedules to specify how and when loan principal is repaid
»  Cash management (equity) accounts
»  Ability to put a customer on non-accrual status for general ledger accounting purposes
»  Capability to define participation accounts for usage in both bought and sold participation agreements

  Over 180 system codes allow clients to categorize and define data elements that will be used throughout the application
  Hundreds of configuration settings to customize how the system functions, processes information, and performs calculations
»  Ability to adjust fonts, font sizes, color schemes, logos, spacing, and other user interface elements to tailor the appearance of the application
»  Ability to customize screens to hide / show fields as needed, or add user-defined fields to track client-specific data elements
»  Support for a wide range of electronic interface files utilizing XML, EDI, or fixed length / delimited data format
Customize (cont.)
  Billing statement history (up to 18 months) is available online
  Flexibility to interface with a variety of serial number decoding services, such as RL Polk, for serial number verification and decoding
»  Billing statement packages customized for each client

  Commitments functionality to reserve customer credit for use across one or more loans
  Ability to floor financed assets using loans or invoices
  Controls to manage how funding disbursements are released
»  Advanced loan management features, including ability to add additional collateral, adjust loan curtailment schedules, adjust principal balances, or update loan-level charge schedules for items such as interest, insurance, and loan fees
»  Ability to submit, approve, and reverse principal and non-principal payments
»  Support for payable items including credit memos, prepaid items, payment suspense, and cash management (equity)
»  Ability to transfer loans between financial plans or from one customer to another
»  Capability to manage client-defined business rule exceptions

  Daily processing automates interest accrual, creation of electronic banking and G/L output files, billing, report scheduling, etc. to close out each business day and prepare the system for future client processing
  Detailed reporting capabilities including over 100 canned reports and the ability to create ad-hoc reports and queries utilizing Business Objects Web Intelligence
  All transactions are recorded to audit logs to support Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
»  Automated queue items to remind users of events such as credit or insurance expiration, UCC filing, or financial statements due, in addition to support for user-defined manual queue items
»  Clients can enter and track comments for customers, credit lines, loans, etc.
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