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DataScan's Dealer Access System (DAS) offers dealers secured 24/7 web-based access to their wholesale finance portfolio, allowing users to submit floorplan loan requests, post equity account deposits, withdrawals, and transfers, and remit payments.

Dealers can also review and report on critical information including available credit, outstanding balances, and recent transactions.

Additionally, manufacturers and distributors may access the system to request reservations of customer credit or review the loan portfolio of their customers.

Finally, DAS reduces the amount of clerical work required by the financial institution, increasing productivity and allowing employees to focus on customer service, risk management, and growth of the business.

  Advanced security protocols, including 256-bit encryption, ensures data integrity and tightly guards system access
  WMS controls user access based on user role permission
  Ability to enter general commitments to reserve a block of credit for multiple assets or for indistinct assets
  Real-time approval feedback to the customer with commitment status (approved or pending) along with approval number for approved requests
  Advanced loan management features, including the ability to request a loan, edit a loan, or initiate dealer trades
  Support for serial number decoding and valuation
»  Payment of all monthly charges requires only a few keystrokes
»  Capability to post loan payments or payments for non-principal items such as interest and fees.
»  Payments may be requested for same-day application or scheduled for a future date.
»  Promised payment functionality via check (submitted via lockbox).
  Full access to cash management (equity) accounts to add, withdraw, and transfer funds, as well as apply funds to principal or billing statement payments
  Customer dashboard provides a comprehensive screen that allows customers (borrowers and suppliers) to view a summary of their purchase and payment activities, outstanding billed amounts, credit balances, and credit information, with drill-down features.
  Payment forecast screen allows customers to view a list of billed and unpaid principal payments as well as future curtailments grouped by bill date and due date.
»  Over 20 canned reports related to loans, payments, equity, security, and audits.
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